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Eye Treatments

Eye diseases are physical disorders that develop due to environmental or genetic factors and can lead to various vision problems.

Plastic Surgery

All Inclusive Plastic Surgery in Turkey Turkey is the world’s leading brand in plastic surgery as well as in obesity surgery and dental treatments.

Weight Loss Surgery

All inclusive Obesity Surgery in Turkey Every year, ‘’Turkish Medical Tourism’’ continues to thrive and attract patients around the world.

Dental Treatment

All inclusive Dental Treatments in Turkey Dental treatments in the Republic of Turkey attracts foreign patients around the globe and is contributing a considerable amount of revenue to health tourism.

Orthopedic Treatments

Orthopedics is a specialty that studies the effects of skeletal deformities and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, as well as the treatment of broken bones, strained muscles, torn ligaments.

Varicose Veins Treatments

What is Varicose Veins? Varicose veins are defined as the expansion, elongation and tortuous state of the veins in the balls for no organic reason.


CK Health Turkey provides all inclusive healthcare services that are safe and high quality. These services include VIP Transfer, Pre and postoperative medication, tests and consultations, VIP Nurse support, continuous staff support as well as accommodation and aftercare services. Did you know that you will have no further expenses related to your treatment for all the treatments you will receive from CK Health Turkey?  If these services not to provided, how would your experience be affected?

Did you know that all the treatments provided by Ck Health Turkey are Packages? With 20 years of experience, and Highly Experienced Success and Satisfaction Oriented Surgeons, imagine having your treatment where everything is planned and organized for your comfort and trust within a very affordable price range. In many ways, why not plan your treatment somewhere where the main objective is your health, satisfaction and comfort through VIP service, can you imagine otherwise?

The priority in all the operations is, first of all, that the surgery is successful. Especially your goal should be to have your surgery only once in your life. Along with that, there are some factors that determine the costs in your operations. At the beginning of these factors is the success and experience of the surgeon in this field. This factor is one of the most important factors that will ensure the success of your operations. As the negativities after the operation may even affect your psychology. The experience of your surgeon plays a crucial role in the success of your operation.

The materials to be used in your surgery are one of the elements to look into. Quality, and properly equipped equipment that will not cause any complications and will not adversely affect your surgery is just as important in the success of your surgery. Another factor is that the hospital where the operation will be performed has the medical equipment and a full time surgical team that is successful and experienced in this regard. These factors must be together for 100% success and satisfaction after the surgery. Mainly, the prices can be lowered by taking away from the quality of the material used within your operation, hospital standarts or the experience of the surgeon, thus determining where you will have your operation by taking surgical costs as refence may not be the best option.

Post operative care and follow-up after your operations is one of the most wondered topics when it comes to planning your treatment abroad. CK Health Turkey provides aftercare services in various ways. Your treatment duration determined accordingly with your medical history. It is to ensure to eliminate any further complications that you may face following your operation.
In any case of a complication, our team is ready to provide support throughout your treatment and healing process. Post operative care plays a crucial role for you to gain your strength and your preparation for going back to your daily life. Also, it provides you a guideline for pain management and recovery process.

Food and Nutrition intake after both bariatric and plastic surgery is very important. 
 Post operative period of bariatric operations and for patients to be reffered to nutritional management is the most significant aspect of medical management. Food progression begins right after the bariatric operation. It is very important for patients to follow this progression with Ck Health Turkey’s registered dietitian to eliminate any complications, as well as ensuring the long term success and satisfaction from the operation. Within the first months of the post-operative period, you will slowly progress your diet from clear liquids to a regular, healthy diet under the supervision of your surgeon and registered dietitian.
In addition, for plastic operations, weight gain may adversely affect your operation in the long term. Along with that after the operation, it is very important to have a balanced diet in terms of vitamins, minerals , and protein. A balanced diet will help you to recover from fatıque and other similar complaints that may occur after surgery in a short time. Our experience show us that after plastic operations, for the success of the operation to be preserved, a balanced diet is way more significant then you might think.

Once you finilize your reservation, our field team coordinator will contact you and provide you with your treatmeant plan. Our field team will accompany you for your entire stay. From the time you greeted at the airport to your last consultation. Along with that, provide you with further information regarding your scheduling, treatment and keep you updated for any additional information.
In any need of assistance; imagine dealing with the stress of not having someone to reach for any assistance regarding your operation, or don’t, because frankly, you do not need to! 

The duration of hospital stay plays a crucial role in your recovery process. CK Health Turkey provides english speaking VIP Nurse support for the nights you will accommodate at the hospital. Our patients always express how much they appreciate their nurses for accompanying them through their journey.
The night of the operation can be tough in several ways; as your body is adapting to the new you and wearing off the effects of anesthesia. Our experienced nurses are here to help you further with any of your needs; provide further support for the duration of the time spent at the hospital.

You will be travelling with our VIP vehicle throughout your treatmeant duration. Inclusive of but not limited to your airport, hospital, clinic and hotel transfers. Most of our patients mention how safe and comfortable they feel coming into a country they do not know and being provided assistance with their transfer services and their scheduling in advance.
The comfort of knowing your transfers and your scheduling to be planned takes away some of the stress of having to spend further time on figuring out your ways. Also, allows you to focus on yourself for the duration of your treatment.


First Contact

Your consultant will assist you with planning your treatment depending on your treatment inquiry. Your medical history & further details are provided.



 Once your eligibility is confirmed by our highly experienced surgeons, dentists and other specilists, the details of your all inclusive healthcare package is provided.


Pre-treatment plan & Estimates

 We present you with all available treatment options, provide you with the cost and discuss your treatment plan and schedule an available date for operation.



Your reservation is finilized by providing us with your flight tickets or by providing a representitive deposit.


Treatment Plan & Schedule

Once your reservation is finilized your transfers are arranged, accommadation, consultations and operation date are booked and your treatment schedule is provided.


Treatment Process

Ck Health Turkey’s surgeons, our private nurses, field team along with the support of the hospital staff will accompany you throughout your journey and further.


Post-operative Care

 Aftercare and regular checkups are provided by Ck Health Turkey Consultants to ensure your healing process is completed.




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