Dental Implants – Are they worth it?

Dental implants can vary as some of the patients have cosmetic reasons. On the other hand some patients have health reasons or both. In any case, the worth of getting implants is determined by the cause. If you come to a decision of getting implants, you can find useful information on the same. You can always contact CK Health Turkey to get customized answers for your questions. Also, can get details about our all inclusive healthcare package that benefits you the most.

Below, you will find parameters to assist you with the decision of getting dental implants.

Dental implant surgery isn’t without its challenges and complications. The results you get may not be very close what you had in mind before the surgical procedure. Such as:

  • Long Process: Getting dental implants that will fit to you can take a long time, as there are multiple steps involved for your implants to fuse with your jawbone up to six months approximately.
  • Possible Infections: Although complications of dental implant operations are rare, there is a possibility for your gums to be infected after your implants are put in their place. Dental implant complications may be resulted with periodontal disease in the utmost rare cases. This disease can lead to loss of bone. But having the dental implant treatment with a clinic that has a highest cleaning standards, a high quality of operation products and highly skilled dentist this risk is to it minimal to none. 
  • Overall Cost of Dental Implants: If you are covered by your insurance plan you will still be making a payment for the remaining portion of the dental implants which part is not covered by your insurance company. That is why, speak with your insurance company for further and accurate information on the above.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Generally, the coverage depends on the type of dental insurance. Insurance coverage can be possible depending on the medical plan that you curently have and the reason of needing a dental implant. If it is requested for cosmetic purposes, your request may be rejected due to that reason. For further and most accurate information, you must contact your insurance company as above information is only for guidenenace.