Armlift – How will my Recovery ?

Armlift requires patients to stay in the hospital lasts 1-3 days. Thus, It is for in the future – outpatient observation.

If the armlift was performed using a non-absorbable material, the stitches are removed for 10-14 days. Pain after the intervention may persist for 5-10 days. For this period, the doctor prescribes painkillers. For maximum acceleration of the recovery process should comply with all recommendations of the doctor.

The patient is advised to:

  • wear special compression sleeves for at least 2 weeks;
  • undergo a course of treatment with antibacterial drugs that reduce the risk of infection in the body (if necessary);
  • refrain from physical activity until the tissues are fully healed for 2-3 months, refuse to visit the Solarium, sauna, bath and swimming pool;
  • It is also recommended to give up intensive tanning in nature. When exposed to ultraviolet light, the seam after traditional arm lift surgery can darken and become very noticeable.

The main complications after surgery include:

  • Bleeding;
  • Infection of the wound and the development of purulent processes;
  • Appearance and long-term preservation of hematomas;
  • Severe non-permanent swelling due to compression of tissues, incorrect position of the hands in sleep, impaired lymph flow and blood supply;
  • Complications after surgery has minimized if the patients follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Important Note: Small swelling and hematomas at the site of arm lift surgery are normal. They are the result of tissue damage during surgery. Other complications require a doctor’s consultation and a number of measures (in some cases emergency).


Your doctor evaluates your test results after surgery immidiately. As, this is to ensure your safety. Also, the patient can make a conclusion about the success of the arm lift surgery only after a few months, when the swelling subsides.

Arm lift surgery allows:

  • Eliminate sagging skin
  • Improve the overall contour of the hands

After the intervention, the patient will get ease of movement, the ability to wear open clothing without long sleeves, and will look better in tight things. Also, this allows you to increase your self-esteem and get rid of numerous complexes. In addition, the effect of the surgery lasts for about 8-10 years. If your doctor deems necessary, the intervention has to be repeated.