What is the Leg Lift Surgery Price?

What is the Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery Success Rate? In some cases where your surgeon finds the Vaser liposuction insufficient, Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery can be performed. Which is one of the most popular method used by health professionals. In addition, many patients who are women and men prefer to have Leg Lift … Read more

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Types of techniques  When we look at why breast augmentation in Turkey, methods vary, we can conclude that different techniques are in use according to different body types and expectations. The anatomical structure of each individual, body structure, skin type, chest structure, etc. is unique for every patient. With the breast augmentation method;  Restoration after … Read more

Composite Filling- Advantages vs Disadvantages

There are different materials that are used with dental fillings and the determination of the best suitable material for the patient is detected and applied. For more information, you can always contact Ck Health Turkey staff for the best suitable filling for you! A composite filling is popularly referred to as “white filler”, “ray filler”, … Read more

Fat Transfer (Fat Injection) In Turkey

What should I know before my fat transfer (fat injection) procedure? First of all, with your surgeon, you will be able discuss where fat will be obtained for fat injection. Along with the area where your surgeon will extract the fat injected. And also the amount of fat to be transferred. It is the most … Read more

What is Flap Operation?

When gum disorders reach an advanced level, your teeth are as endangered as your gums. Consequently, patients with periodontal diseases in advance stages, the bone tissue and ligaments surrounding your teeth can cause tooth loss. As your teeth gradually begin to be damaged. Additionally, if controlling the damage is not possible with non-surgical periodontal treatments. … Read more

Best Obesity surgery and surgery complications.

The best bariatric surgery depends on the patient’s medical history and current health state. Due to extensive internet research patients may think one type of obesity surgery is the most benefical surgery for them. However, it should be remembered that decisions on the obesity surgery must be based on health professionals’ medical expertise. In order … Read more