Can I start using birth control pills after my gastric bypass surgery?

Our patients generally have no problem swallowing tablets. However, no one else will probably tell you that the effect of birth control pills will decrease after gastric bypass and that you may need to use an additional method. Can I have children after my gastric bypass surgery? Yes you can have children after your gastric … Read more

Is getting Dental Implant Painful for me?

There can be many variables involved when it comes to pain due to having a crowned tooth; such as misaligned dental crown, tooth fracture, infection or just simply because of having a dental implant surgery. You can find the details below on the same. ·        Pain experienced due to having dental implant surgery: If you … Read more

Can my Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery be postponed or canceled?

It is possible to imagine that your Leg Lift (Thigh Lift) Surgery can be postponed or cancelled. The main reason for the same is to have any medical objection against your treatment. In any type of treatment, if observed that your life can be dangered while having your treatment. For instance, if you are a … Read more

What are 3 myths of Bariatric Surgery?

1.           EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO CAN INDEED HAVE OBESITY SURGERY. Bariatric surgery in Turkey should be provided with the right team and surgeon. To the right patient, and with the right method. And the results will excel in many patients.      Bariatric Surgery requirements and the suitability of the operation is determined by a variety … Read more