Bariatric Surgery During Covid-19

Bariatric surgery postponed all around the world into a near future during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is to allow hospitals and clinics to treat people in a safe environment as much as possible. While reducing the risk of further infection of Covid-19. The numbers for diabetes and obesity have continued to strongly increase with Covid-19 lockdowns. The situation compounded with Covid-19 pandemic. Also, it is essential to take strong steps on these dangerous viral epidemics. People who have obesity should guided on how to have their bariatric surgery as soon as possible. In addition, prolonged wait times can increase the risks and complications for patients with acute conditions. That can result with an immediate threat to limbs or organs.

Why Bariatric Surgery is your Top Priority During Covid-19 Pandemic?

American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery made an official statement. The statement is about continuation of bariatric surgeries as soon as possible when it is safe. Especially, during the Covid-19 Pandemic for people who suffer from obesity. It is a public information that the surgical treatment of obesity has rescheduled. These rescheduled further in the future in many parts of the world during the outbreak.

As stated by the President of ASMBS, Matt Hutter MD, to Medscape Medical News patients who have obesity are more likely to be in need of intensive care units. In addition, obesity can leave the body defenseless against Covid-19. Also, keep in mind that mortality rates are higher especially in young patients who have obesity. So, the critical health issue obesity stays to be epidemic during and even after Covid-19. Obesity not considered an emergency. Due to the fact that obesity adverse health effects usually show in a more subtle way. But this should not keep us from inferring obesity is as much as threatening as covid-19.

If you have decided that having bariatric surgery do not postpone it. You should keep in mind that bariatric surgery is the best treatment available at the moment. Especially for those with the life-limiting and life-threatening severity of obesity. Turkey is one of the few places in the world where you can have safe bariatric surgery. In where there are highly experienced surgeons, high quality of materials used. Where international high standards for safety and hygiene are met and went beyond with CK Health Turkey.