Breast Enlargement Turkey – Fat Transfer

    Breast Enlargement with the fat transfer can be done to improve asymmetry or to plump the breast. The other reason is to reduce the visibility of the prosthesis and to obtain a more natural appearance in thin patients who have undergone breast augmentation with a prosthesis. 

Thanks to the purification of the fat taken with advanced technology for fat transfer and the injection of appropriate amounts, you can achieve better results in the breast as well. In this way, the probability of survival of the transferred fat cells and the permanence of the procedure increase. Fat injection is often used in other parts of the body. The results are very pleasing in areas with normal adipose tissue. The breast is one of these regions. People who do not want a prosthesis, whose breast structure is suitable for this procedure, and who have sufficient fat in their body can look into this procedure. 

What do you need to pay attention to before doing fat transfer for breast enlargement?

     There are various points to pay attention to when it comes to breast enlargement with fat transfer. One of them is a chance of failure to retain all of the fat. There is a %70 chance that the fat cells cannot survive no matter how optimally they are taken. The rate of this depends on the surgeon’s attention and experience, as well as personal factors. Thus, this treatment may not satisfy patients who would like to have larger breasts. The reason is that there is a limited amount of fat a breast can take. Trying to give more fat can disrupt the circulation of the breast or cause the fat cells to die. And for those who want larger breasts, additional fat transfer is possible after 6-12 months. 

      You should also consider the possibility of reduction or shrinkage overtime before deciding to undergo breast enlargement with fat transfer. As the fat cells may shrink over time due to weakening or aging. If this happens, the patient may need re-injection. 

  Although breast enlargement with fat transfer can be advantageous in terms of the use of one’s own fat cells and the all-natural look for asymmetrical breasts.