Breast Implants – Do they cause cancer?

Breast implants used during Breast Aesthetics (Breast Augmentation) Surgery do not cause cancer. The probability of breast implants causing cancer is much lower than the probability of an accident in traffic. Even if it develops, it is easier to treat than other types of cancer caused by other reasons. For its detection, it is sufficient to examine the implants by taking liquid from its surroundings by a doctor. Keep in mind that in any plastic surgery medical history of the patient plays a huge role and you must always ask for professional assistance before making the decision to have plastic surgery. CK Health Turkey can is the best place for you to ask assistance for the same when you decide to have any type of surgery in Turkey.

When can I continue to work after getting my Breast Implants ?

The patient who has undergone Breast Aesthetics (Breast Augmentation) Surgery can return home the day after the surgical operation. It is advised for patients to rest for 3 to 4 days after the surgical operation. After Breast Aesthetics (Breast Augmentation) Surgery, the patient can usually return to both social and business life after a week later. However, this period may be longer for patients with jobs requiring heavy physical activity and the patient’s healing process.

What are the Breast Implant Prices in Turkey?

It is not possible to give a clear and correct price range without examining the person and considering the type of surgery.

The following should also be taken into consideration; such as, the interventions you will receive at the hospital due to the procedure; the type of treatment you need; and your current health condition when determining the right price for your breast augmentation surgery. At the same time, the price policy of the clinic is also important.