Breast Lift Surgery – What to expect afterwards?

Breast Lift surgery recovery depends on the patient’s current health status after discharged from the hospital. Discharge from the hospital take approximately one day. The date of discarge varies from patient to patient. There will be a dressing process that approximately takes between 4 to 7 days. It is highly recommended not to touch the operated area during this process. During the recovery period it is most essential when it is useful to be controlled for 15 days in order not to prolong the recovery period in movements, but you can start working on the 3rd – 4th day.

One of the other most asked questions is about the ability to breastfeed after having breast lift surgery. The patient should plan their pregnancy 6 months later once they receive their breast lift surgery as it does not interfere with pregnancy nor breastfeeding.

In addition to the above second most asked question is the loss of sense. Naturally, after having a breast lift surgery loss of sense can lesen but only at the first stage of the healing process and the issue resolves itself once the recovery period is over.

Thirdly, patients are curious about cracks whether they can be removed through breast lift surgery or not. The answer is to say it is near impossible to remove them all at once completely. But it can be said that you can get rid of the cracks on the removed area in the surgery plan. This makes up a large part of the breasts.

What does perfect symmetry mean in breast lift?

When it comes to ‘’Perfect symmetry’’ it is determined as a vertical straightening performed with the closest or exact measurements to nature. That is attractive and natural looking.