Can you ruin your rhinoplasty operation?

As you know, rhinoplasty operation is one of the most commonly recognized and performed operations worldwide. It is to improve appearance and correct the function of the nose. After the surgery, you may experience difficulty sleeping due to the swelling and bruising. During this time you should lie on your back and not the sides for at least 2 weeks. After that continue with caution with the approval of your surgeon. You can use 2 pillows to make you comfortable when sleeping. This is also to keep your head above heart level. This practise can contribute positively towards your healing process.

You can understand that with poor practise of your surgeon’s recommendation, you can ruin your rhinoplasty during your recovery period. Above, you can find one of the many ways to have a smooth recovery process rhinoplasty post – op. If you would like to read more on what you should do post op, follow this link.

Can I brush my teeth after rhinoplasty operation?

With your surgeon’s approval, you may start to brush your teeth after 2 weeks post-op. After that be sure to make slow and soft movements when brushing. Because, as you know, the upper lip is connected to your nose. Thus, brushing harshly can affect the results of your rhinoplasty negatively.

Why is my nose so big after rhinoplasty?

One of the accepted facts of rhinoplasty is that there will be bruising and swelling post-op. Which can lead to a nose looking bigger after surgery.

During the procedure, the nose cartilage and bony framework of the nose are shaped. Thus, it will take time for swelling and bruising to go away by itself. During this time you should use your prescribed medication as instructed. This will assist you with your recovery.

Keep in mind that recovery period after a nose job can vary patient by patient. Thickness of the skin and the type of rhinoplasty surgery performed are great variables in this regard. In general, swelling will start to go down by itself within 3 weeks.

Also, bear in mind that it will take a year for your nose to take its final shape.