Correlation Breast Reduction and Cancer

Breast reduction and cancer have correlation between them. Breast cancer is the most popular cause of deaths in women. More than one million new breast cancers occur each year. It is a statistic from world health organization, and patients are not included before they are diagnosed.

How Breast Cancer is Treated?

If breast cancer can be diagnosed early, it is a treatable type of cancer when diagnosed early enough. It is not necessary to remove the whole breast. However, the diagnosis may occur at a later stage. When this happens, axillary lymph node dissection followed by chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy. After all this period, breast reconstruction should be performed on the patient with different methods. However, even the best reconstruction can not give as good a result as its real breast.

How Breast Cancer is Prevented with Breast Reduction Surgery?

In a study conducted on thousands of women in the United States, Canada, Denmark and Sweden, it has been observed that breast reduction surgery significantly reduces the occurrence of breast cancer in women with high breast cancer risk. According to this study, a breast reduction surgery performed by Plastic Surgeons reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by 50-70%. This work is both exciting and promising. Giving women at high risk of breast cancer another option and enabling them to take a provocative step towards protecting their own health is a gift for both the patient and the surgeon.

As a result of this study, it was seen that the more breast tissue in women with breast cancer risk, the more breast cells that are at risk of turning into breast cancer cells. In other words, the more breast tissue is removed, the more breast cells are removed, which reduces the number of cells that are likely to turn into breast cancer.

In conclusion, breast cancer is a major issue all around the world. If breast cancer is detected in the early stages, it can be treated with less challenge. That is why you should have routine check ups and mammography. In order to lessen the chances of getting breast cancer you can have breast reduction surgery. Also, in order to get the same, you should be found suitable by credited and highly experienced healthcare professionals. You can contact CK Health Turkey to get your consultation.