Do gums grow back after implants?

Your gums can grow after getting dental implants. This growth can be supported with abutment or a temporary crown. So that the gums can grow and do not grow over the implants when in recovery period. Healing can take several months to complete. During the recovery period, your own customized crown will be manufactured in a lab. Once your gums are healed, you will be ready to receive your implants in your final visit. After that you can start enjoying your shining smile.

What happens if screw comes out of implant?

You should know that most of the dental implant treatments are successful. Many of the healthcare professionals believe that there is a 95% success rate. This is the case especially when performed by an expert medical professional with high quality materials in the most sanitized environment.

However, there can be cases when the implant can fall out. If you experience such a condition, you should give your dentist a visit immediately. Keep in mind that it is not a serious issue. In most of the cases, dentists are able to re-insert the fallen implant. In a minority of cases a new implant inserted. An implant can become loosen. If that is the case, your dentist can screw it down once more. If the abutment damaged, it can also replaced with a new one.

How long does it take for dental implants to fuse to bone?

Dental implant treatment considered to be a serious one. It is in terms of the anesthesia application. Before the treatment starts, you sedated for pain management. This helps both the dentist and the patient. After the treatment is complete, you are provided with prescribed medication that will help you to have effective pain management.

It is seen from the above, it will also take major time for the implant to fuse with bone. Osseointegration is the name of this process. It will take approximately between 4 – 6 months.