Facelift Turkey: What to Pay Attention After

Facelift Turkey is one of the most popular plastic surgery in the world. In particular, with aging and the effects of gravity the face starts to sag. Over time, elasticity of the face increases. That is why, patients can benefit a lot from facelift surgery in Turkey. However, the level of benefits of the surgery may vary patient by patient. We believe, facelift surgery is one of the most valuable surgery money can buy. As, you may get a 10 years younger after your facelift surgery.

Facelift Turkey

  • Drains used to easily expel the fluid accumulated under the skin after surgery. The removal time of these drains may vary depending on the color and amount of the incoming fluid. It removed after approximately 48-72 hours. You can discharged from the hospital after the resistors are removed.
  • The bruises will heal in about two weeks after the facelift application. It may take about a month for the swelling to heal completely.
  • We recommend that you keep your head above the level of the heart in order for your recovery process to progress faster. Also, the swelling to decrease after the operation depends on keeping your head above the level of your heart. It is very important that you lie close to a semi-sitting position, especially during sleep.
  • You can discharged from the hospital the day after your facelift operation.
  • After the facelift application, you should stay away from salty foods for a while and consume plenty of water in order to quickly heal the swelling and reduce the amount of edema.
  • No matter how well the stretching process for the face area is performed, it is normal to carry the traces of this application for some time. Since the incisions made for your stretching process will be made from invisible areas such as the hair, the scars will be almost invisible.

 More Details you should know:

  • Smoking should be stopped after all operations as it prolongs the healing process and has negative effects on human body.
  • Depending on your health status, you can start using skin care products in the third or fourth week after the operation.
  • You can also support skin healing with the vitamin supplements. Before taking them consult with your doctor.
  • Make-up use should not worn for at least 2 weeks.
  • About Sports: After the fifth week after surgery, you can return to part of your normal exercise routine. Heavy lifting and strenuous running are still not recommended at this time. But, light jogging and stretching and stretching can be done at this time. Before doing so, consult with your doctor.
  • About Sexual Relationship: You should wait at least 3 weeks after full facelift surgery for any kind of sexual activity.
  • About Alcohol and Smoking: Avoid consuming alcohol 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Do not smoke until 3 weeks after your surgery.
  • About Driving: Driving is only permitted when you have completely stopped prescription pain medication and are able to safely rotate your neck and shoulders. This takes about 4 to 5 days for most patients.