Facelift Turkey: What to Pay Attention Before

Facelift Turkey is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. In particular, with aging and the effects of gravity the face starts to sag. Over time, the elasticity of the face increases. That is why patients can benefit a lot from facelift surgery in Turkey. However, the level of benefits of the surgery may vary patient by patient. We believe facelift surgery is one of the most valuable surgeries money can buy. As, you may get 10 years younger after your facelift surgery. Below, you will find what you need to pay attention to before your facelift surgery.

Facelift Turkey             

  • You can have facial rejuvenation treatments before your face lift surgery. After your surgery you will not be able to do it for a month;
  • Share the details of your medication use with your medical health professionals. According to the medication used, the method of your surgery may change. Also, your healthcare professionals should advise you about which you should continue to take and not. These data are very important when planning your medical surgery;
  • To ensure your safety do not smoke for 2 weeks. This is because your smoking habit can negatively affect you when taking your anesthetics. Also, smoking can cause abnormal bleeding during your surgery while endangering your life;
  • Alcohol should not be taken for at least 2 weeks before and after the operation. As in smoking, it can affect your health negatively;
  • If you are a male patient looking to have a facelift surgery, you should shave in advance. However, if you do it on the day of your surgery and cut yourself accidentaly, it can cause an infection;
  • You should quit taking blood thinners and herbal teas, if you take any, at least for a week before the operation;
  • You should fast for 12 hours before your operation. Hunger will help you avoid vomiting while taking your anesthesia during surgery. This application intends you to be protected. Thus it is of vital importance;

 More Details you should know:

  • You can take a shower on the day of your registration to your hospital. As you may not be able to bathe for a few days after your operation. Taking a shower beforehand will reduce potential infection;
  • You should be able to determine the color of your skin. Thus, you should not wear makeup or polish your nails;
  • Try wearing comfortable clothes for your stay in the hospital. This will help you to have further comfort;
  • Keep in mind that the menstrual period does not constitute an obstacle for surgery;
  • You should be careful about your food and beverage intake. Avoid strenuous diets as they can weaken your metabolism. Thus, it can increase the chances of your operation risks and can prolong your healing process. Make sure to have a well balanced nutrition intake.