Dental Bridges

A dental bridge shouldn’t cause excruciating pain by any means. All things considered, you may encounter slight uneasiness and tooth sensivity after the operation, and it may require a couple of days to get acquainted with your new scaffold as all new dental apparatuses (supports, crowns, and so forth) can feel somewhat feel strange at first.

Recuperating from the position of a dental scaffold ought to be simple and direct and as referenced above, uneasiness ought to be insignificant.

They generally last from 5 to 7 years. Great oral cleanliness, normal exams and expert cleanings help draw out the existence of a dental bridge and can help it last more than 10 years.

The type of a dental bridge relies upon: the area of the tooth, the state of the adjoining teeth and your general oral wellbeing. Our dental specialist will suggest the most fitting choice for your needs. These are:

  • Traditional Bridge
  • Cantilever Bridge (one-sided):
  • Maryland or Resin Bonded Bridges
  • Implant Bridges

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