The duration of the tummy tuck surgery will approximately take 3 hours. This can also differ patient by patient.

Any type of surgery can leave a mark on the patient. With tummy tuck surgery this mark will almost be invisible to naked eye with CK Health Turkey. As we offer the best and safetest surgery options for yourself. Keep in mind that this will also depend on how the patient’s after care after the surgery.

One night stay at the hospital is sufficient for CK Health Turkey patients.

After 8 weeks of tummy tuck surgery exercises can be started. Always ask your surgeon first before exercising in order to keep your health and safety in check.

No, it can be stated that pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery does not interfere with pregnancy and it is safe for both mother and baby. However, this process should be followed together with medical healthcare professionals.

As in all types of plastic surgeries, diet is the most essential part when it comes to achiving the desired result from the surgery. If the diet plan is not followed strictly, it can effect the result of the surgery negatively.

There cannot be a specific timeline can be provided for the recovery from tummy tuck surgery. However, with most of the CK Health Turkey patients it takes between 5 – 7 days.

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