Arm Lift

With CK Health Turkey arm lift is performed with liposuction treatment. Arm lift surgery approximately takes 1 – 2 hours by itself.

CK Health Turkey observes that patients who go through with arm lift surgery finalize their recovery period approximately between 3 – 4 weeks.

The procedure before getting an armlift will start with determining if the patient is suitable for the same or not. Once the patient’s suitability is accepted will proceed with consultations and tests before the day of the surgery.

As in all types of surgeries with CK Health Turkey, there are series of follow up days with extensive details to ensure your healing procees is smooth.

The cost of the armlift surgery will depend on many variables. The major ones are about how wellthe surgeon is experienced, how well the equipment is used and how clean the area of operation is. In order to get your customized all inclusive healthcare plan, contact CK Health Turkey.

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