Cosmetic Surgery

Yes, CK Health Turkey offers before and after pictures of each patient. You can visit or follow us on official social media accounts. Such as instagram from @ckhealthturkey

Definitely, we always encourage our patients to meet with our previous patients and our surgeons to ask any questions about the treatment.

In general, cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. In order to get the most accurate and complete information get in touch with your health insurance company.

It is crucial to quit smoking as well as alcohol consumption well in advance before your surgery. The main reason is that these habits increase the level of bleeding during surgery and increase the chances of complications.

With CK Health Turkey, you will be provided support by our private nurses assinged only to you at night and field team during the day. If you would like, you can bring a companion with yourself with a extra charge of hotel accomodation only.

Once you are found suitable fo your requested surgery, always ask to your medical health professionals about your medication intake before and after your surgery.

This is especaiily important when a patient have plastic surgery such as liposuction. Once the plastic surgery is finalized, the human body wants to balance the body as it was before. Thus, it is most important to wear compression garments to get the most out of the surgery.

Yes, it is possible to be combined and performed safely in one operation. Always take a professional’s opinion on the same as everyone have different requests for surgery and metabolism.

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