Neck And Facelift

Depending on the extend of your treatment, you can get back to work for at least

The suitability of the patient for the surgery will depend on the results of the consultations as there are series of questions to be asked to determine the same. You can get your consultation from CK Health Turkey today free of charge.

We believe that this is the best type of plastic surgery you can get. From our previous patients we can see a change of approximately 10 years.

Yes, there will be scars after the surgery but over time will become almost invisible. The insicion will be on the hair line and this will make it least visible.

Our patients usually start to drive after a week later not before than 7 days.

With CK Health Turkey, you will be staying 10 days or more depeding on the types of surgeries you will receive. Once your treatment is finalized, you will be able to travel by airplane. For the same, we will be providing a report confirming the same.

One day after the neck lift a medical procedure, a drain is eliminated from the ear that is placed to prevent the accumulation of liquids nearby. Post-usable ice application speeds up the recovery cycle. You are discharged from the hospital on the second day of the surgery if found able. Stitches on the face and eyelids are taken out in first week depending on your surgeon’s medical opinion.

Usually it is adviced to not to start exercising on the first 6 weeks after the operation. Once you decide to start after your first six months, inform your surgeon as well.

Facelift surgery insicions will be on your hairline and in front of the ears. With the passage of time, these will become almost invisible to naked eye.

After the 2 weeks of time of facelift surgery, makeup can be safely put on. Before doing so, always consult with your surgeon.

With CK Health Turkey it will be a 1 night stay if our surgeons suggest otherwise.

Due to aging and gravity the results of the facelift surgery are not permenant?

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