There is no specific time line that can be provided as it differs based on patient’s needs and wants. This will also depend on if the surgery is closed or open type of surgery.

This will change patient by patient as every rhinoplasty surgery have different aspects for the patient and by patient’s medical history. Thus, a specific time cannot be provided on the same. You can request assitance from CK Health Turkey if you decide to have rhinoplasty surgery.

The process of determining your eligibility to your requested surgery will be done and will proceed to your surgery if there are no medical objections to avoid endangering your health and safety.

After your rhinoplasty surgery you will be in a extensive post operation rhinoplasty surgery to observe your well being and progress in terms of healing process.

The cost of the rhinoplasty surgery will depend on if the surgery is open or closed as much as patient’s wants and needs. You can contact CK Health Turkey to get your price quotation for your treatment.

Open Rhinoplasty: This technique is used for the very complicated nose surgeries exclusively by some surgeons.

Closed Rhinoplasty: This technique is used when the medical professional doesn’t have the direct perspective on the nasal skeleton and accordingly it is a strategy for the more experienced medical professional.

You may be requested to not wear glasses for 1-2 weeks. This will be decided together with your surgeon.

There is no certain deadline that can be given as the extend of the surgery will change the time line of healing process of the patient. Thus, this will be decided together with your surgeon.

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