Vaser Liposuction

The answer will depend on the area of operation. It usually takes approximately 2 hours.

Usually, it will take 6 – 12 weeks to see the final result from liposcution treatment.

During your first consultation, you will be asked series of questions to deterimine your suitability. If found suitable, you will be proceeding to your next consultation once you arrive to Antalya/Turkey. In  this one you will be taking series of test and visiting series of doctors before your surgery to ensure your health and safety.

In general, it can be suggested that liposuction is better to be received after pregnancy as there may be fat accumulation after pregnancy. Having a pregnancy after your liposcution may interfere with your treatment results in the long term.

The answer of this question will depend on your surgeon’s professional opinion with CK Health Turkey. In general, most of our patients wear them for 6 weeks on avarage.

With CK Health Turkey, it is very low considering you will receive your surgery from a surgeon who is highly experienced, with high quality of materials in a safe and clean environment.

CK Health Turkey offers vaser liposcution. Yes, there will be approximately weight loss of between 4 – 5 kg’s due to the fat removed.

After vaser liposuction, the operated area will not store fat like before. However, if the patient is not careful about their treatment. Fat gain after liposuction can cause irregularities or asymmetry.

In vaser liposuction, ultra soundwaves are utulized to break the fat into liquid form for easy removal. This is an indication of easier and faster recovery. In addition, the fat lost from the area of operation will not be gained as the vaser liposcution is the least invasive type of liposuction treatment among others.

As in all other types surgeries especially with plastic and obesity surgeries diet is crucial. If not followed properly, it can effect the results of the treatment in a negative way.

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