Fat transfer – Breast Augmentation

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer for breast augmentation demand had increased significantly over the years. The main reason behind why is that the transferred fat belongs to the patient’s natural fat tissue. Regardless of being biologically compatible, a foreign object placed in the body within breast prosthesis that creates a prejudice. Due to successful results and patient satisfaction rates. Stem cell and adipose studies show how valuable adipose tissue is. The discovery that adipose tissue is a biological substance with its rich stem cell content has made a breakthrough in plastic surgery.

Fat transfer involves revolutionary to separate the rich stem cell content from the fat cells. Also, these origin from human body and magnificent material used in the operation areas. Such as, removal of facial wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, collapsed scars, butt, breast and leg shaping. In addition, it has been observed that the blending of the stem cells is an ideal filler. That used for adding volume to any other part of the body. The fat permanence rate, which was 35-40% in the areas where fat injection used in the past. Also, it can go beyond this by adding stem cells to 83% using only Vaser liposuction. In addition to fullness, stem cells are also beneficial with their restorative properties in that area.

How Fat Transfer is utulized for Breast Augmentation?

Today, adipose tissue, which has intensive medical use in many subjects, is used as an alternative to silicone for breast augmentation in “suitable patients” or together with silicone breast prosthesis, helping the results to be much more successful. The main advantages of fat injection to the breast are providing a smooth transition especially in the transition areas of the breast prosthesis, camouflaging the prosthesis edges and fulfilling this task in areas where additional fullness is desired.

Fat injection into the breast not used to make a very small breast suddenly become a normal or a large breast. However, it can make breasts that are smaller or slightly smaller than normal to become normal or a little more shaped and large even.