Frequently Asked Questions on Otoplasty Surgery

For you, we have compiled the questions posed to me by many otoplasty surgery patients. Who are considering having a prominent ear aesthetic. In this blog, you can find answers to the most asked questions such as “What is a prominent ear?”, “What is prominent ear aesthetics?”, “How to perform prominent ear aesthetics?”, “At what age can prominent ear aesthetics be performed at the earliest age?”, “Will the ears return to their former state after prominent ear aesthetics?”

Deformities in the ear, which can create aesthetic concerns in people of all ages, can be eliminated with “otoplasty” operations. Also known as prominent ear aesthetics. The cosmetic problems in the ears, may have a negative effect on the person’s self-esteem, habits, self-perspective and social abilities from childhood. Also, these can eliminated effectively through otoplasty surgery.

What is Prominent Ear?

Also, the condition, which expressed as a prominent ear, can be defined as the angle of one or both ears with the head is too wide. In people with prominent ear problems, the ears may be too large, asymmetrical and/or separate from the beginning. Also, this cosmetic problem, which can negatively affect the psychological development of people with prominent ear problems. In addition, it can become the cause of the lack of self-esteem of individuals in older age.

What is Otoplasty Surgery?

The aesthetic operation in which the shape, size and angle of the ears changed with the head called prominent ear aesthetics. Personalized planning should made before the prominent ear. It should done while evaluating the patient’s needs and expectations. During pre-op consultation, aesthetics evaluated within the scope of facial aesthetic surgeries. Also, after the specially planned prominent ear aesthetics, the patient may have ears that are compatible with the facial features.

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