Gastric Bypass Surgery: What is it?

Do I qualify for Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Depending on your medical history and current health status, you may be qualified for having gastric bypass surgery. Different factors involved to determine if you are qualified for bypass surgery. Such as your medical history, current health status are the main factors.

In the end, your surgeon will make the final decision after a series of your consultations. If there is no medical objection from your surgeon’s end it means you qualify for gastric bypass surgery. First of all, let’s understand what the gastric bypass operation is and who can benefit from it.

This surgery performed as a weight loss, bariatric operation. It was one of the most popular surgical operations for weight loss 5 years ago. Also, it can be said that gastric sleeve operation is now more popular than gastric bypass. Gastric bypass performed while creating a passageway as a shortcut. It comes from the stomach to the intestines. It is a method to surgically treat various diseases that obstruct the stomach’s outlet.

This operation, in the sense of obesity surgery, is a method in which includes decommision of the stomach. This process completed without removing it from the body. And the food consumed digested by using almost only half of the intestines.

This surgery generally applied as a second surgery (revision surgery). Especially in patients who regain weight after having a gastric sleeve surgery. Also, it can also be applied to all patients who have previously undergone gastric band, gastric folding, or vertical gastroplasty.

Gastric surgery can be performed on patients who have a health issue of obesity who cannot lose weight or who have complaints such as insulin resistance and joint discomfort due to excess weight. It can be performed as a closed surgery through laparoscopic methods.