Genioplasty – General Information

Genioplasty is a type of a medical procedure for the jaw. Both plastic specialists and maxillofacial (specialists who work on the mouth and jaw) can perform this kind of medical procedure. Genioplasty is most as often chosen as a cosmetic surgery rather than a corrective surgery. Which means patients should decide on the outlook that they would like to achieve. Therefore, it’s not covered by insurance.

Who is suitable for Genioplasty Surgery?

  • Patients who would like to have a subsided jawlines;
  • Individuals who suffer from excessively enormous jawlines;
  • Patients who prefer to get rid of the jawlines that are excessively short or tall;
  • Patients who do not want to have skewed jawlines;
  • Individuals ordinarily get general sedation before a genioplasty surgery.

How is the Whole process for the operation?

Patients ought to go to a clinical assessment with an authorized medical specialist prior to having a chin augmentation surgery. During your medical consultation, this specialist will audit the patient’s medical history and current wellbeing. They will request for a patient to explain what he/she accepts from the surgery. Then, the specialist should quantify the individual’s face measurements and take X-ray and CT pictures of their jaw.

When the specialist decides on the most appropriate option, they can make medical suggestions and begin arranging the operation. For a sliding genioplasty, this may include choosing where and at what point to cut the jawline bone. They will likewise have to consider the staff and hardware prerequisites for the methodology.Specialists arranging an implant augmentation operation will conclude whether to utilize implants, filler injections, or a mix of both. They will likewise think about the material of the implant and the fillers.

Keep in mind that material of the surgery affects the price. If the materials are low quality, the price will be cheaper. In general, patients need to try not to eat solid foods nor drink beverages at least for 6 – 8 hours before the surgery. Chin augmentation requires general sedation. In spite of the fact that individuals might have the option to return home after their medical procedure, they need to make transportation plans heretofore.