How long do Dental Crowns Last?

In general, dental crowns last for approximately 15 years if they are well cared for. On the other hand, some of them may last approximately for 25 – 30 years if there is exceptional dental care and hygiene. In addition, porcelain crowns may last approximately for 5 – 15 years depending on dental care as well as the experience and skill of healthcare professionals.

The durability of a dental crown depends on many factors. Some of them are; patient’s dental care and hygiene, the type of the dental treatment and regular dental check-ups. Below, you can find some tips for you to prolong the durability of crowns.

These are:

You should have a great brushing and flossing habits on a daily basis;

Continue to have regular check ups and constant communication with your healthcare professionals;

Avoid grinding your teeth as much as possible. If you have a habit of it, you should take a custom made night guard. This will help your teeth from getting damaged;

You should not chew on any hard candy or any type of objects.

If you are able to follow the above tips, you should be able to prolong the duration of your dental crowns. In addition, you should get more medical professional opinions on the same for getting optimum durability for your crowns.

Keep in mind that everyone has different mouth anatomy. Also, dental health can be complex as there are many details about recovery after getting your dental crowns. Thus, the durability of these can vary patient to patient.

Continue with your regular check ups to ensure that your crowns are at their highest durability.

Dental treatment is essential for you to have a smile design that is aligned with the characteristics of your facial expressions. As well as, protecting the optimal results from your treatment. To ensure long term benefits from your dental treatment, contact CK Health Turkey today.