Inner Thigh Surgery – What is it?

Inner thigh surgery for patients’ whose dream is to have fit and tight legs. The age factor, the effect of gravity, and the loss of elasticity of the skin cause skin to sag. In addition, if people have heavy weight, this problem brings along skin problems such as rash. People who want to have a more fit appearance can look flawless and have tighter legs by having inner thigh surgery.

Why Skin Sag?

With the passage of time, sagging can be seen in the whole body. Decreasing skin elasticity and not doing enough sports accelerate the aging process. Sagging becomes inevitable with the reduction of the fat layer under the skin. In some cases, not only aging, frequent weight gain, excess weight gain or sudden weight loss also causes sagging in the leg. The skin inside the upper leg area is thinner than other areas, the first signs of sagging are seen in the inner leg. Over time, this sag may result in the legs rubbing against each other. In such cases, it is possible to encounter skin problems.

How is Thigh Surgery done?

First of all, the surgery to be performed is decided according to the sagging rate of the skin on the legs of the person and the thickness of the fat tissue under the skin. Due to weight gain and loss, skin sagging happens. It may be due to the excess skin thickness, sagging occurs. In these cases, liposuction should be first. Later, sagging skin after liposuction is surgically removed.

If the skin sagging in the patient seen only in the groin area, can be hidden underwear. If the sagging of the skin progresses highly, a leg lift surgery performed. In the leg lift procedure, a vertical scar is located on the side of the legs. This trace is not visible when viewed from the front or the back.