Is Bariatric Surgery Effective against Diabetes?

Bariatric surgery effective against diabetes. A research completed to prove how effective bariatric operation. Especially gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery, are for treating diabetes and elevate the quality of patient’s life.

Also, scientifically proven that losing weight can cure many metabolic illnesses so much better than medications would. Below, you will see the details of a conducted experiment to determine if weight loss operation helps with treating diabetes.

Did you know that weight loss operation is an effective way of treatment against type 2 diabetes? Furthermore, even helps patients who do not have morbid obesity. According to the research conducted by Cleveland Clinic researchers which included 150 patients that one-third of whom were using medication for their diabetic illnesses and lifestyle changes alone without having any surgical intervention; one-third who got gastric bypass surgery; and one-third also who got sleeve gastrectomy surgery; and one-third did not have any bariatric surgery at all. All three groups were overweight and had diabetes.

After the bariatric surgery

3 years later , patients who had bariatric operation had nearly healthy levels of sugar. While taking less medication than the group which did not have an obesity operation before. Researchers are having a difficult time understanding why exactly obesity surgeries are effective. When defeating diabetes without further need of medication. But one thing is for sure that the improvements begin instantly.

As per the findings of this research, patients who needed insulin treatment for their diabetes did not need it anymore. It was by the time of a day or two later after their obesity operation. The trial also showed that the two types of bariatric operation had somewhat similar benefits. Which was unexpected. Because, it was generally believed that gastric bypass has been around longer. Thus, had to be a better option in weight loss operation than gastric sleeve surgery. But that was not the case.

In order to get accurate and complete information in this regard, contact your insurance company. In conclusion, obesity surgeries can be considered valuable investments as diabetes can be cured. Be informed that the mentioned trial above was funded by Ethicon, which is a Johnson & Johnson company.