Leg Lift Surgery Turkey – FAQs

In the world, leg lift is a highly known plastic procedure and leg lift in Turkey patients’ great choice for patients. There are numerous reasons for that. You can read our other blogs for more information on the same. The purpose of this blog is here to provide your further information on Leg lift surgery in Turkey. So that your mind can be at ease about your medical procedure. You can always ask from CK Health Turkey for medical expert assistance for your whole process.

What causes flabby inner thighs?

There can be a series of reasons why sagging can happen. The main ones are the effects of gravity along with aging and excessive weight loss or muscle loss. Thus, you can understand that you cannot prevent skin sagging. However, you can decrease the level of it as much as possible. One of the best way is to have a healthy and well balanced nutrition plan and regular exercises. However, keep in mind that these can provide short term results. Also, there are some cases which these cannot be enough for the sagging. In these cases, surgeries can be the most effective way that can provide long term results.

Why am I gaining weight in my inner thighs?

The main reason for the same is the hormone called ‘’estrogen’’. This hormone can directly impact fat cells that accumulate usually around the buttocks and thighs in females. Males have the same hormone but in low levels. However, if the body has imbalanced hormones, male patients can suffer from skin sagging between thighs.

 As well as, over time metabolism starts to slow down. Thus, resulting in estrogen hormone levels to decrease. This can lead to the same result through low levels of collagen production and loss of skin elasticity.

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