Liposuction Treatment – What to expect?

Liposuction treatment will be inclusive of small details. Your healthcare professional will inform you about your procedure. Your healthcare professional will generally put marks around the area of the operation for visual aid. You will have a visit from an anesthetist that will explain all the details that relates to your surgical operation. The amount of anesthetic will mainly depend on the patients’ overall medical history. If the treatment performed on a smaller scale, then a local anesthetic with mild sedation utilized. But, if the treatment is performed on a larger scale, a general anesthetic may be advised. Here, surgeons’ orders will be followed and the use of type anesthetic will differ patient by patient.

How liposuction treatment is performed?

The procedure will kick start with an injection of ‘’tumescent saline’’. This helps the patient to lose the sensation during surgery and break down fat cells. As well as to decrease the level of bleeding to the minimum without feeling pain during surgery. Afterwards, with the assistance of an incision, a small probe inserted. It assists with the emission of ultrasound waves to break down and liquefy fat cells. That way, fat can be ready for easy removal from the body. The fat which liquefied form removed out through a small needle. Keep in mind that Vaser liposuction categorized as the least invasive operation. It is the most optimal option when compared with other types of liposuction up until today.

The duration of your VASER liposuction procedure can vary from one hour to several hours depending on the extent. After the surgery finishes, you will proceed into a recovery room. So that your body can freed fromt he effects of the anesthetic given before the surgery. After your liposuction, you will be provided medication for pain management.