Mommy makeover – Important Things to Know

Mommy makeover is mostly preferred plastic surgery around the world. After pregnancy, women patients prefer to have this operation to achieve outlook they had before pregnancy. Below, you can find useful information on the same before getting the surgery.

What should be careful about this operation?

  • Pain and swelling may be felt in the next 2 weeks after the mommy makeover. For this reason, it is imporant to have restricted moves to avoid any possible complications afterwards.
  • Also, remember to have a healthy diet and make it your lifestyle for better results.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights for approximately 6 months. Ask assistance from your family members for the same.
  • There are some medication is prescribed by your health professional for managing pain.
  • In order to maintain the results of mommy makeover for a long time, it is important to create an appropriate exercise program and sports routine after surgery.
  • It is necessary to follow doctor’s orders for your health and physical appearance after your operation.

Important things to know more about mommy makeover?

  • For breast surgeries; At least 6 or 12 months should have passed since the end of the breastfeeding process. One year is expected for the uterus and abdominal muscles to recover.
  • At least 3 weeks before the operation; If you smoke, you should quit.
  • Before performing the operation; it would be better for you to plan your maternity with your health professional. Because; If you fail to do so, the whole operation can be wasted and you may have to go through the same proedure again. It is also risky to start a mommy makeover operation once again.
  • You should not lift more than 6 kg after surgery.
  • It will be very good for you to get support for the first few weeks during the healing process.
  • You have to wait 2-3 months for the final results.
  • Also after the operation; Swelling occurs in the abdomen and breast area, so don’t be alarmed. The body’s reactions to the operation are perfectly normal.
  • Feeling good, happy and peaceful after birth will increase your self-confidence. You should investigate your doctor well. Your communication link should be strong.