Neck Lift Turkey: What to pay attention after

Neck Lift Turkey is a general plastic surgery practice around the world. The skin in the neck area is thin. Under the neck regiment is a thin subcutaneous adipose tissue. Neck is a thin, curtain-shaped muscle called the platysma. Along the way it starts to sag. It is because of aging and gravity.

This blog will help you provide a guideline to have the desired outcome of this surgery for the long term. However, keep in mind that neck lift surgery results are not permanent. In addition, this blog will help you to have a smoother recovery period as well with this information.

Neck Lift Turkey

  • For your information, one day after your neck lift, a drain is taken from the people who will be collected from the room from the ear;
  • Having a cold compress by healthcare professionals can fasten your recovery process;
  • You may get a hospital discharge on the second day post operation;
  • You should be able to get back to your work life after the second week of your post-op;
  • After your operation,you can start to take a shower only after 2 days of your post-op. As everyone have different recovery period, ask advice from your healthcare professional;
  • You can feel numbness after your surgery. It is normal to have a numbness on your face after the surgery. It should pass away only within few weeks;
  • Try to be soft when applying makeup and combing your hair;
  • For several months, avoid using steam and sauna;
  • You should use sunscreen creams regularly for 6 days. Avoid sunlight as much as possible. This is because if you do not, bruises after your surgery become dark.

More you should know

  • About Sports: You can return to part of your normal exercise routine 2 weeks after surgery. Heavyweight and running in competition is still not recommended. But it’s light-paced and stretching can be permitted.
  • About Relationship: Wait at least 3 weeks for resuming your sexual activity after your facelift.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Avoids having alcohol 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Do not smoke until 3 weeks before and after your operation.
  • About driving: Driving is only allowed when you are able to rotate your neck and shoulders with ease and without pain. This takes about 4 to 5 days for most patients.