Who can have a nose job in Turkey (Rhinoplasty) surgery?

Surgical interventions are surgeries that patient’s inquire to improve one’s health and outlook and are called plastic surgeries. If a patient would like to achieve a healthy and improve the outlook of their facial characteristics. They can have nose job in Turkey (Rhinoplasty) surgery. Thus, if the patient is pleased with the end result of Rhinoplasty, it can lead to improvement of the patient’s self – esteem and confidence.

Patient can decide to have nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery;

  •       The nose is too big or small.
  •       In a case where the nose tip is too low.
  •       When the nose is too wide looking.
  •       The nose has a curvature outside or inside.
  •       If there are asymmetries that need correction through surgical intervention.
  •       If there are issues with the nostrils.
  •   The the nose tip is too mobile when talking or laughing.
  •       When there are breathing problems.

In the next step, the patients need to have an appointment and your surgeon can examine and see how the nose can be shaped that is aligned with the patient’s expectations. To achieve more pleasing results from nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery.

You may have functional issues with aesthetic expectations. Your surgeon may able to correct issues such as curvature, accidental asymmetry, turbinate enlargement during nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery. The result will actually provide a psychological improvement. In this regard, you can complete the test below and evaluate yourself.

Factors affecting a pleasing results nose job in Turkey (Rhinoplasty) surgery are:

  •       Thickness of the skin of the nose.
  •       Having a curvature.
  •       Previous operation if there is any.

How do I understand an unpleasant result from nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery?

When a female patient has an unpleasant result of a nose after nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery, there are certain features that can determine the quality of the end result. One of the most common features is that the nasal roof is not fully closed. The second most common feature is that the tip of the nose and the root of the nose appear to be separated. The main reason that this can be commonly seen is because of the excessive removal of the bone on the back of the nose.

Additional feature that can be an unpleasant result of a nose after nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery is that the tip of the nose is extremely thin. This is also the result of excessive cartilage removal from the tip of the nose. However, your surgeon must leave a certain size of the cartilage, which have a very important role at the tip of the nose, to avoid unplesent results in the end of your rhinoplasty operation.

In male patients, the nasal ridge should appear straight. In a poorly made nose, the nasal ridge may be curved or hollow. In that case a secondary nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery or revision can be performed for the correction of the operated nose. 

Rhinoplasty surgery should address the problem directly. Any other corrections or trials other than the problem are risky and can cause additional surgeries to be received. As the number of revision surgeries increases, the correction becomes challanging and the chance of nose job in Turkey (Rhinoplasty) surgery success decreases.