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Plastic surgeries

In today’s world, the concepts of human bodies’ integrity and aesthetics are crucial. Due to this reason, bodily aesthetics and appearance carry great importance in terms of both personal image and the quality of life of a person, having a social entity… Aesthetic interventions are generally called ‘’Plastic Surgery’’ or ‘’Reconstructive Surgery’’. The term ‘’Aesthetic Surgery’’ can be also included in this general definition.


Besides, aesthetic, cosmetic surgery deals with operations and interventions to ensure that to make the body image more attractive and natural. These can be categorized as aesthetic concerns rather than medical ones. Plastic surgery often aims to give function along with reshaping and shaping. Sometimes, it may also aim to repair or correct a wound in the body or a congenital or subsequent deformation. Plastic surgery is a group of operations that should be performed by a specialist surgeon and is a fully equipped hospital.

Turkey is the world’s leading brand in plastic surgery as well as in obesity surgery and dental treatments. This statement is true when examining the flow of foreign patients coming to Turkey for their plastic surgery. Which has made its name known to the world with successful aesthetic surgeries. The popularity of Turkey is increasing day by day. One of the European Facial Plastic Surgery Association Member Associate  states that one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by foreign patients is rhinoplasty. Keep in mind that only successful plastic surgery results with high quality treatment with affordable prices can do that.

Highly Experienced Surgeons

In plastic surgeries, having a highly experienced surgeons in the breast field will directly effect your results.

Internationally Operating Hospital

Having your operations in an internationally operating hospital is vital for the success of your operation.

Top Quality Technology Equipment

For your operations the latest technological and top quality equipments are handpicked and provided.

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CK Health Turkey is a center of highly experienced doctors, hygienic and quality treatments according to the needs of the patients, high quality materials, very well postoperative care and follow-up, that is worth your effort and investment in the long term while offering good results.

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