Post-op Chin Augmentation Surgery

Sucking the wound in the mouth after your chin augmentation surgery causes bleeding. Therefore, if blood accumulates in your mouth, you can empty it from the corner of your mouth.

You should stop your solid food intake for a week after surgery. Also, you should avoid very hot, cold, spicy foods and acidic beverages. In addition, you should avoid snacks that contain grains. This is because these types of food and beverages interfere with your recovery process.

It may take 6 months to a year for your chin to take its final shape.

You should use the prescribed medication in accordance with our healthcare professionals’ instructions.

Since the healing process varies from patient to patient, contact our health professionals for more information.

More information on post-op Chin Augmentation Surgery

  • Sports: You may partially return to your normal exercise routine approximately after 5 weeks post-op. You may start your exercises after the approval of your surgeon.
  • Sexual Intercourse: Approximately after 4 weeks, you may resume your sexual activities.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Avoid drinking and smoking for 3 weeks before surgery. Also, smoking can cause an infection called “alveolitis” in the tooth extraction area. It can cause high levels of pain and a long recovery time.
  • Driving: You should not drive after taking painkillers. However, you may start driving 2 – 4 days post-op.
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