Results of Liposuction in Turkey.

The results of liposuction depend on the patient’s eating habits and regular exercise. Your surgeon removing the fat cells is permanent during liposuction in Turkey is. However, if you continue to gain weight due to unhealthy eating habits and disregarding exercises, you can gain weight fat cells in different parts of your body. Patients may experience disproportionate weight gain as a result. This can cause the body to be in its natural shape.  In order to maintain the new body shape after surgery, make sure to stay away from sugar-sweet along with pastry. Your consultant will recommend that you make serious changes to improve your life. Through a diet containing protein, fruits and vegetables, grains. Reducing the consumption of fat, in general, will be beneficial for longer liposuction surgery results. In addition, exercising can be very beneficial on a regular basis.

After your liposuction surgery in Turkey, you can:

  • Drink plenty of water, unsweetened natural juices and herbal teas. Because hydration plays an important role in the healing process.
  • Consume fresh vegetables.
  • Trying to consume fruits, but you need to be thoughtful as most fruits are high in sugar.
  • Have nuts and legumes during your daily food intake.
  • Massaging the areas of the operation can help reduce swelling and edema.

Can skin saging be resolved with only liposuction?

In case of the quality of the skin is good. Liposuction may be sufficient by itself. If the skin has lost its quality, your surgeon may suggest you a lifting surgery. After your consultation, your surgeon will provide you with the best suitable option for yourself.

How long after liposuction will I see results?

Patient’s can expect to see an immediate improvement right after your Liposuction operation in Turkey. With inflammation you will need to wait for a while for the end result. Lymphedema massage can help reduce inflammation during the post operative period.