Root Canal Pain: Why it Hurts?

Root Canal Pain can be caused by cleaning of the root canals is an actual procedure that is necessarily carried out with the development of pulpitis. Treatment is carried out in stages and requires several visits to the doctor. This is a serious manipulation, the purpose of which is to eliminate the inflammatory focus and prepare the tooth for subsequent treatment or prosthetics. After treatment, people hope to forget about the pain forever, but unpleasant sensations can persist for some time. In some cases, this is a normal reaction, and in others – a complication that requires a visit to dentist. We will tell you why the tooth hurts after root canal treatment, and what to do in this case. The causes of pain discomfort can be physiological and pathological. When pain is the norm?

Root canal pain of varying degrees of severity occurs almost always after procedure. How long does the tooth hurt after root canal treatment? Pain discomfort due to mechanical damage to soft tissues, removal of pulp tissues persists for no more than 48 hours, gradually subsides and completely disappears after 7-14 days. If this period prolonges, the pain increases and there are signs of inflammation, you should contact the dentist.

Dentists distinguish 3 types of root canal pain syndrome:

  • Increased sensitivity at the time of biting food. The tooth and soft tissues begin to ache.
  • After cleaning the canal, the tooth hurts with slight pressure, as well as against the background of eating hot food. The pain not relieved by painkillers and increases at night.
  • Aching pain that occurs immediately after treatment is not relieved by medications and does not stop until the person goes to doctor.

If you do not consult a doctor in time, the inflammatory process will spread to neighboring tissues, and as a result, the tooth will have to be extracted.