Smile design – What is it?

Smile design is a tool for you to achieve your desired smile. As you know, your smile is like your business card. In order to have a natural attractive outlook smile patients choose to receive smile design plan. To get your customized smile plan, contact CK Health Turkey as will provide you the best treatment available on the market with rightly priced all inclusive healthcare plan.

Below, you will find more information on the same.

The operation is a dental surgical procedure that helps create a straight, white; natural and attractive look. This dental operation can fully restore appearance and dental health thus can create confidence and higher self esteem.

What are the benefits of this dental treatment for me?

  • Smile design enliven your smile with a long term method than any other temporary measures. You should keep in mind that this dental operation is the most crucial investment that you will make in you life.
  • As people get older our smiles wear out with discoloration and chipping. This will happen over time and can be embarrassing.

How this dental treatment is customized for me?

  • Our dentists will work together with you to customize a plan for your dental operation. A free consultation scheduled to make sure you achieve your aesthetic dental goals and resolve your underlying dental issues.
  • During consultations the treatment plan set to minimize the number of appointments while getting the most out of them that will satisfy the patients. These consultations can also scheduled and treatment completed your special functions. Such as, wedding anniversary, wedding, engagement, graduation.
  • If patient have any type of dental disease, these will be treated first.
  • The LVI smile catalogue is viewed to decide with the patient to make arrangements of teeth that is aligned with their preferences on their overall smile appearance.