Forehead and Brow Aesthetics

As years go by, the eyebrows may sag due to several factors such as gravity and the loosening of the tissues. This may cause the individual to have a tired and sad facial expression.

When this is the case, botox injection, a temporary procedure, is the simplest brow lift technique. Please see the Botox section for detailed information.

One of the other methods is brow lift with suture, which requires local anaesthesia. However, this method has some disadvantages. Its effect may not be permanent it the long term and asymmetries may develop over time. Hence, it is not preferred very often. A more effective and permanent method is to surgically release the tip of the eyebrow by making an incision of 2 to 3 cm from inside the scalp and to fixate it to the temporal muscle membrane at a higher point.

If signs of aging accompany eyebrow sagging on the entire forehead, endoscopic forehead lift should be performed. In this technique, small incisions are made on the scalp and the entire forehead is released with the help of a camera. Then it is fixated to the bone at a higher point.