Phlebectomy is a classic surgical operation to remove varicose veins. To date, it is the most radical way to treat varicose veins.

Indications for phlebectomy

Phlebectomy is recommended for patients with extensive varicose veins and in situations where the subcutaneous veins are very dilated, as well as in cases where conservative and other methods of treating varicose veins will be ineffective.

Preparation for the operation and its implementation

The doctor determines indications for surgery in each case. Before phlebectomy, the patient should have an ultrasound examination of the vessels. It helps to assess the condition of the veins as objectively as possible. The patient can perform some steps to prepare for a phlebectomy on his own:

  • take a shower;
  • waxing your legs or shaving them;
  • prepare comfortable shoes and loose clothing.

The patient should take into account that some medications should not be taken before surgery. It is critical to inform the attending physician immediately before the procedure if there are any changes in the well-being of the patients. Our clinic will tell you about other precautions and preparatory measures.

In which cases varicose veins surgery is performed on the legs:

  • in the presence of extensive varicose veins;
  • if there is a violation of the outflow of blood, which can be expressed in edema, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, etc.;
  • with excessive expansion of the veins;
  • with the existing complications of varicose veins, which may be thrombophlebitis, the presence of trophic ulcers.

The surgeon carries out this procedure as a radical intervention when the disease has a high stage, and other types of therapy are inconsistent. Such an operation is completely harmless, does not cause significant damage to the body.

Applied techniques

Combined surgery to eliminate varicose veins in the lower extremities Technology includes:

  • intersection of the saphenous vein junction into the deep;
  • removal of the part of the vein prone to varicose veins.

Through incisions, 2-3 cm long in the groin and 1 cm in the lower leg, the main trunk of the “varicose” vein (subcutaneous) with diseased ducts is removed using a probe. Both local anesthesia and general sedation (drug-induced sleep) are possible. At the end of the operation, the incisions are sutured with cosmetic seams, an elastic stocking is put on. After about a week, the patient returns to a completely normal lifestyle.

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