Vertical Sleeve in Turkey – What is VSG?

Vertical sleeve in Turkey is a popular option for people who suffer from obesity. As a potential patient, if your BMI is suitable to have Vertical sleeve in Turkey then you should know the details.

What is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is among one of the three most popular obesity surgeries in the world. The other ones are gastric balloon treatment and gastric bypass surgery. VSG is a minimally invasive procedure when compared with gastric bypass surgery. During this surgery, the size of the stomach becomes less in order to minimize the food intake. This can help you lose weight. However, you should remember that the surgery is not a final destination but a tool for weight management. The surgery without diet and exercising cannot achieve great results. Also, after the surgery, the patient should have a healthy lifestyle. That is why, we can say that, the habits of dieting and exercising of the patient determine the end result.

How is the operation performed?

During VSG, ghrelin hormone also called ‘’hunger hormone’’ is taken away. This will help you greatly as you will not feel hungry as much as before. In general, patients tend to lose 50 percent of their excess weight overall.

By most of the credible medical healthcare professionals the vertical sleeve gastrectomy is considered to provide the least postoperative pain. This applies only when the surgery performed laparoscopically. During your surgery, there will be 4 – 5 incision points. These are usually about the size of a fingertip. Once the incisions are placed, small tools will be inserted. So that the volume of the stomach can be minimized. Approximately, you will stay in the hospital for 2 nights before before discharge. Keep in mind that the time of hospital stay can vary patient by patient. This is because everyone has a unique metabolism.

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