Breast Lift – What is next after the surgery for me?

Breast lift surgery requires patients to spend the first night in the hospital. This will allow health professionals to have closer follow-up. So that no complications can occur after the surgery. Also, if there are no medical problems with the patient, the patient can leave the hospital safely in the next morning. The time you will spend in the hospital will depend on your doctor’s orders. It is at its utmost importance to abandon exhaustive exercise. This will help greatly with your healing process. Although, there is no need for a bed rest. After receiving breast lift surgery, the patient should lie back when sleeping for at least four weeks. This is to shorten the process of healing. Generally, dressings are applied and surgery is not changed until the first check up. If there is no medical obstacle afterwards, the patient is allowed to take a shower. The special bra has to be applied after the operation should be used for 6-8 weeks.

Does a non-surgical breast lift exist ?

Application skin rejuvenation can be utilized for breast lift purposes, but the results are not as good as surgical procedures and the results are short term.

What causes breast sagging?

There are many factors for breasts to sag. These are including but limited to gravity, weight gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and old age and such. Keep in mind that breast sag can also occur after the surgical procedure over time due to above mentioned factors. Breast lift surgery can be the patient’s best option for breast sagging due to the fact that it provides the longest term results when compared with other applications against breast lift.

What is the process for evaluating eligibility for your breast lift surgery?

CK Health Turkey has a straightforward and easy to follow process. This process is effective and efficient when determining your eligibility. The first consultation is done online with a series of questions. These are for determining the best available surgery that will benefit you the most. Afterwards, when the patient arrives in Turkey/Antalya they are registered to their respective hospitals. After that consultations and tests continue in the most detailed manner. If there are no medical objections, the patient proceeds with their surgery further. Through the whole process CK Health Turkey is with you to provide assistance. So that you can easily manage all procedures and tackle the language barrier. Keep in mind that patients of CK Health Turkey, are not obligated to make a payment before the eligibility is determined. For more information you can contact CK Health Turkey.