What is Flap Operation?

When gum disorders reach an advanced level, your teeth are as endangered as your gums. Consequently, patients with periodontal diseases in advance stages, the bone tissue and ligaments surrounding your teeth can cause tooth loss. As your teeth gradually begin to be damaged. Additionally, if controlling the damage is not possible with non-surgical periodontal treatments. Your dentist may suggest to activate periodontal in such cases. The most common method of periodontal surgery is flap operation. Flap surgery leads the periodontal world as the most effective method of correcting and treating gum pockets today. 

Flap operation is known as a gum operation that aims correcting the pockets formed in the gums. And restore the gums to their old, healthy form. Gum pockets are a term that refers to the points below the gum line where gum tissue begins to separate from the tooth. Along with that, this leads to the formation of an area where harmful bacteria will begin to breed and without cleaning. Bacteria lead to inflammation of the tissues and cause tenderness, bleeding and pain in the gums. And if not treated in any way, this problem can lead to serious gum diseases, damage to bone tissue that supports the tooth. Along with the systematic health problems that can affect the whole body.

How is Flap operation performed?

In the treatment of these unwanted pockets formed in the teeth. At this stage, your surgeon may use tooth stone cleaning and root correction methods firstly. This treatment, which takes place using a manual or ultrasonic tool, may not always work due to the stage of the disease. At the point where this type of treatment is not effective. And your surgeon may activate flap operation.

Flap operation is a method that makes it much more effective and easier to maintain gum health. Although it does not constitute a permanent solution to periodontal diseases. Even if you have a tooth structure that is particularly sensitive and prone to gum diseases. It is possible to keep your gums healthy for as long as possible with the support you will receive from a Ck Health Turkey Medical Centre’s specialist periodontologist.