What to know on post-op otoplasty surgery?

Our patients can usually take a shower 7 days after otoplasty surgery.

In general, our patients may return to their daily routine after 10 days. In recovery, protecting the ears from external trauma can increase the satisfaction from the medically successful operation.

Also, you should wear a headband continuously for approximately 3 weeks after your surgery. In this way, the cartilage hardens and heals better in its new position.

The function of the headband is to reduce the edema that may occur after your otoplasty surgery. It will speed up the healing process and prevent contact of the ear to the pillow while sleeping.

There may be numbness in the ear that lasts for several weeks. However, this is normal and will pass over time.

You should avoid using a hairdryer during your recovery.

From the 2nd week you can start swimming. However, your arms must not hit your newly operated ears.

Since the healing process varies from patient to patient, contact one of our healthcare professionals for more information.

More information on otoplasty surgery

  • Sports: You should avoid heavy sports (all activities that can increase blood pressure) for 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Sexual Intercourse: Approximately after 2 weeks, you may continue with your sexual activities.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: You should avoid tobacco products and alcohol 2 weeks before and 3 weeks after surgery only after finishing taking prescribed medication. In addition, smoking increases the complications of anesthesia during your surgery and prolongs the healing process.
  • Driving: You should not drive after taking painkillers. Avoid driving for 2 – 4 days while on painkillers.
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