What to pay attention after your BBL?

What should you pay attention to after having your BBL surgery?

  • You may return to your daily life in between about 2 – 10 days after your BBL. Along with that, you should use your orthopedic seat cushion for at least 2 – 3 weeks. Since the healing process varies from patient to patient, contact one of our healthcare professionals for more information.
  • The recovery process varies depending on the method used during BBL. These methods can be divided into 2 categories: fat transfer and implants.
  • In general, you may start heavy sports with the approval of your surgeon after 30 – 45 days post-op.
  • If your BBL surgery is performed with a prosthesis, you should sit slowly and stand up carefully. This method will help to extend the lifespan of implants.
  • After your BBL surgery, you need to lie face down for about 4 weeks.
  • You should use your prescribed medications as instructed. This will help you to have effective pain management.
  • We recommend using an orthopedic seat cushion throughout the day when traveling and driving by car. This method will help you to preserve the optimum result from the treatment.
  • You should use a compression garment for 4 – 6 weeks.
  • We recommend that you perform edema-relieving massages a week after surgery.
  • It may approximately take between 2.5 and 3 months for your glutes to take their final shape.

Important Note: After the fat transfer in your BBL operation, there is a possibility of transferred fat to dissolve approximately for up to 70%.

What more to know about BBL?

  • Sports: Health professionals recommend waiting 4 – 6 weeks after surgery to do more strenuous physical activities. You may start with your sports with the approval of your surgeon.
  • Sexual Intercourse: In approximately after 2 weeks, you may resume your sexual activities.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Avoid drinking alcohol 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Do not smoke until 4 weeks after surgery. Because smoking increases the chances of extensive fat dissolvement.
  • Driving: You may start driving at least 6 – 8 weeks after surgery. This is to prevent your medically successful surgery from a negative impact.

Your nutrition intake habits are critical especially after your BBL surgery as in any other plastic surgery. Weight loss after surgery adversely affects the results of your medically successful plastic surgery.

After the surgery, it is very important to have a balanced diet in terms of vitamins, minerals, and protein. A balanced diet will help you to recover from fatigue and any other similar complaints that may occur after surgery in a short time.