World AIDS Vaccine Awareness Day

What is World AIDS Vaccine Awareness Day?

World AIDS Vaccine Awareness Day and HIV vaccine advocates draw attention to this day by supporting the urgent need for vaccination to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. Every year, communities organize various activities on the World AIDS Vaccine Day to raise awareness about the AIDS vaccine. They are to educate people on HIV prevention studies and research. So that they can draw attention to what needs to done so that patients can be a part of ordinary people.

What is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome caused by the HIV virus, is the stage at which the immune system is vulnerable to infections and cancers. Also, it is a life-threatening health issue.

Thanks to the antiretroviral drugs developed against the HIV virus, the immune system can fight against infections without serious damage. So, the body resistance does not lessen. In addition to drug treatment after HIV is infection. AIDS may not occur depending on the living conditions and body resistance of the person, and it may occur in 5-15 years or more.

The Importance of Early Diagnosis

As with many diseases, early diagnosis and, accordingly, early treatment are important in the treatment. This is applicable for HIV. Early diagnosis does not only prolong life expectancy, but also reduces transmission rates.

Those who use non-sterile needles and piercing tools should definitely have an HIV test too. Antibodies must be formed in the blood for the test to be accurate. So, the HIV test gives the most accurate results 4-6 weeks after contact with the virus.

If the person is HIV positive, notification to the Ministry of Health is obligatory, but it is done by observing the above-mentioned rules. Psychosocial support is important for themselves and their relatives in the treatment of HIV-positive people.

There are many associations that will provide social and legal support for HIV-positive people and their relatives. HIV testing is among the mandatory tests before marriage, but being HIV-positive does not prevent marriage.