World Diabetes Day 2021 – FAQs

Origion of World Diabetes Day

World diabetes day exists to create and maintain awareness on diabetes in detail on an individual basis. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has characteristics of high blood sugar. Which insulin is not produced in the body, or insulin is not used effectively.

Diabetes has become a huge global problem. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that 382 million adults worldwide have diabetes. It has high epidemic rates and has reached the prevalence of diabetes by 2035. Also, this number is expected to be 592 million. Also, aging population, urbanization and lifestyles are rapidly increasing the epidemic of diabetes along with other chronic diseases.

Studies of International Diabetes Federation on the prevalence of diabetes show there are 7 million diabetic patients living in Turkey . This figure corresponds to approximately 15% of the total population.

Diabetes is a public health problem. Tip 2 Diabetes is an 80% Preventable Disease.

In the capacity and congestion of the countries; It is possible to improve the health of people with diabetes and to improve their lives accordingly. Also, it can done through reducing the social and individual negative consequences of diabetes. While minimizing the negative impact of this disease on the development and economic development.

Successful control of diabetes does not depend solely on medications and medical treatments. Preventive actions also play an important role in successful control. At the beginning of the preventive activities, it is possible to raise individuals who can make health choices. Also, to have a high level of health literacy and apply healthy lifestyle behaviors. So, effects of diabetes lessened on this page to a larger scale.

  • It is the main discipline of the Ministry of Health to raise awareness about diabetes and ways to prevent diabetes, especially “World Diabetes Day” on 14 November every year.

The blue circle accepted as the symbol of diabetes all over the world. The Ministry of Health has produced the slogan “Stay Out of the Circle” this year to emphasize prevention from diabetes. Since fieldwork or other organizations with face-to-face communication cannot held for COVID-19, the Ministry aims to deliver this slogan use informative materials to the target audience using digital platforms.