World Hand Hygiene Day – What is it?

World Hand Hygiene Day is a global campaign. That is celebrated annually. The main objective of this annual global campaign to create awareness about a hand hygiene all around the world. In addition, this annual global campaign aims to maintain the same global profile.

You can also see that this global campaing brings people together. Also, unites them to ensure hand hygiene in health care. So that hand hygiene improvement globally. This blog will provide you further details about the same and and why it is so important.

What is World Hand Hygiene Day?

World Hand hygiene was found by World Health Organization. It was found to inspire the population of the world to achieve better well being and health status. So that it can lead to financial risk protection; a safe, effective, quality and affordable medical essentials.

This approach can show the extent of the impact on quality of healtcare. Also, the patient wellbeing across all levels of the health industry.

Why it is important?

In our daily life, our hands are our organs that provide all kinds of connections with the environment and therefore contain the most bacteria. Hand washing is an issue that is often neglected because it is a very ordinary and daily job.

However, it is in our hands to protect the health of both ourselves and those around us. Bacteria carried by our hands, which are in constant contact with the environment, can cause the development of many deadly diseases such as SARS, hepatitis A, Avian Influenza, from a simple cold.

Especially the hands of healthcare professionals play an important role in the spread of microorganisms from patient to patient. Therefore, inadequate hand hygiene is one of the main factors causing hospital infections, which are still common in developed and developing countries.

Providing adequate hand hygiene is one of the primary measures to prevent these infections, which cause high morbidity, mortality and treatment costs. Adequate hand hygiene is also the simplest but most effective method of prevention in reducing foodborne illnesses, preventing the development of gastroenteritis, fecal-borne diseases, parasites and fungi, which are common in schools.

Also, during the covid-19 washing hands play a huge role to lessen the chances of getting covid-19. In conclusion, we all should be more careful when it comes to washing our hands on a regular basis to prevent all kinds of illnesses that is caused by bacterias.