World Hepatitis Day 2021

What is World Hepatitis Day?

July 28, which was designated as “World Hepatitis Day” in 2010 by the World Health Organization and the World Hepatitis Association. It is to raise awareness on hepatitis, is celebrate with various events organizations in the whole world.

One of these reasons for Hepatitis is viral infections. Also, there are different types of viruses (A, B, C, D and E) that cause viral hepatitis. There are life-saving test and treatment facilities in hepatitis’ infection. Accessing to these facilities is difficult, millions of people are at risk. Also, these risks are towards of slow progression to chronic liver disease, cancer and death.

It is reported that 1.4 million people die annually from diseases related to these virus types. At the 69th World Health Assembly held in Geneva, 194 governments, including Turkey, were the first global movement to eradicate viral hepatitis by 2030, with the goal of eliminating hepatitis B and C for the next 13 years. He accepted his strategy.

In addition to vaccines and medicines used to combat viral hepatitis, an infectious disease that can is preventable and treatable. Also, it is of great importance to reach awareness-raising health service. In addition to the success of the therapeutic institutions in a country, the success and work of public health or preventive health institutions are very important.

What you need to know about viral hepatitis;

  • Viral hepatitis causes distractibility.
  • Killed millions of preventable deaths due to viral hepatitis.
  • Hepatitis may cause new infections as it weakens the immune system.

What is the ABC of hepatitis?

Infectious jaundice or viral hepatitis in medical language that is common inflammatory disease of the liver. It happens due to present viruses. Apart from viruses, drugs, toxic substances and alcohol also cause hepatitis. Also, the letters of the alphabet have been given to the major viruses that cause hepatitis. The most important are:

Hepatitis A: Approximately 99% of them heal spontaneously and completely, they do not cause permanent liver damage. Once passed, the chances of recurrence are very low.

Hepatitis B: The virus that causes permanent damage to the liver at a rate of 15-25%; As a result of this, carriage may result in liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver failure and death.

Hepatitis C: It is hepatitis caused by the hepatitis C virus. There is a high risk of progressing by about 80%, causing permanent liver damage, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.