World Mental Health Day 2021

Origin of World Mental Health Day

October 10 is recognized as “World Mental Health Day” all around the world. The aim is to raise awareness about health. Also is to strengthen the health of the new generation. While increasing the resilience of young people with long-term studies. So that to preventable mental illnesses lessen.

The youth is a very important period of life when the individual is prepared for his role and begins to form in his/her life. This period includes the emergence of important mental illnesses. The current generation are experiencing a change that is different from the previous one. The latest generation continues to develop intensely with fast paced changes. This rapid change can cause positive effects in their lives as well as negative effects.

Most of the young people try to establish relationships with technology, and the lack of social enterprise can make them feel lonely. It is not about strengthening the right sources from which they can get psychosocial support. Therefore, they need to be guided correctly and informed about where to find the support they seek.

Why mental health is important?

Because young people are the guarantee of our future. Our future depends on young people to be healthy, happy and productive. The work of a merciful member and all of its institutions is important in order to strengthen, and strengthen the wild spirituality. We would like to thank our healthcare personnel, ministries and associations all around the world for their efforts in this awareness study. Happy October 10, World Mental Health Day.